My Story

I've been writing since I could hold a pencil.

I find great joy and satisfaction in editing, especially when I'm helping someone else share their passion with the world.

In addition to my 15 years of experience helping others articulate their most transformative, out-of-the-box ideas, I am trained in a broad range of styles and forms including journalism, academic writing, creative writing, playwriting, screenwriting and sketch comedy.

In other words: I am fluent in Customer, Storyteller, Reporter, Professor, Clown and other languages, and love helping people who speak these different social languages communicate with one another.

I have B.A. degrees in Journalism & Mass Communication and Sociology from NYU. In 2018 I earned my M.A. in Social Science from UCLA, where I studied and wrote about how values are embedded in the words we use.

Spoiler alert: They're everywhere!

Along the way, I've ventured down many paths:

Things I've Tried

Real Estate

Corporate consulting

Starting a greeting card company

Being a digital nomad

Using my married name

Writing a dystopian young adult novel

Having a gym membership

Using the gym membership

Editing Video



Refinishing furniture

Things I Want to Try

Graphic design


Learning guitar

Taking voice lessons

These days, I live in Los Angeles with my husband. He's a mensch and a real hoot.

And when I'm able... I make big glittery messes in our garage, some of which I share on my Instagram, @TheWhimsyGuild.

Go ahead. Make my day.